Beds Across America is proud to offer the Therapedic Motu MH to our selection of hand selected beds. When you are buying a mattress online, it is very important to have a simple selection of High-quality mattresses to choose from.  The innovators at Therapedic have reinvented the concept of memory foam in this cooler sleeping mattress.

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Beds Across America is proud to offer the Therapedic Motu to our selection of hand selected beds.  The innovators at Therapedic have reinvented the concept of memory foam in this cooler sleeping mattress.

For many years, people who enjoyed the unique feel and enhanced conformance of a Visco memory foam mattress have had to settle for a hotter sleeping surface. Introducing Motu, the foam mattress with cool conformance. Through technology, Visco memory foam is infused with gel, providing you all the benefits of memory foam with the added benefit of an optimal temperature sleeping surface.

Motu has been intelligently designed, featuring the latest in sleep technology. The combination of open-cell memory foam, Natural Airflo™ and pressure-relieving gel cells results in an optimal temperature sleeping surface while still conforming to every curve of your body. The mattress equivalent of a hybrid: it’s part specialty foam and part innerspring. The Motu MH Series offers the best of both worlds: The conformance and breathability of gel memory foam with the support and lack of motion quality of an encased coil innerspring. Create your own sleep revolution and attain total comfort night after night.

The Experience: The sensation when laying on this mattress is one of complete and utter body support on a soft and plush yet firm mattress. The open cell memory foam fills in all of the gaps in your body contour and truly makes you feel completely comfortable. The best attribute this mattress really shows itself after a few minutes of laying on the bed. The temperature is comfortable and does not allow your sleep experience to get too hot and uncomfortable. Also, the motion associated with your partner moving is barely perceived, making for a better nights sleep devoid of interruptions from the movement. The best part is waking up after your first nights sleep. You will feel less aches and pains, awake refreshed and will have slept through the night without as much tossing and turning. This is truly a mattress Beds Across America is proud of.

  • Pressure Relief – Gel Visco memory foam conforms to your unique shape, weight and angles, relieving pressure points that otherwise cause tossing and turning.
  • Optimal Temperature Sleeping Surface The open-cell structure permits increased airflow that helps transfer heat away from the body, creating a more comfortable sleeping surface.
  • Natural AirFlo™ – Air chambers in the surface foams carry heat away from your body, increasing air exchange up to 400% compared to a traditional mattress.
  • Pocket Coil CoreIndividually encased premium innerspring coils absorb movement – you’ll sleep peacefully, knowing that if your partner moves during the night, you won’t feel the motion.
  • Ventilated Performance Edge – Provides a firmer seating edge, greater stability and 10% more usable sleep surface.

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